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Google It's been quiet about the Google-China dispute for a while now, but today, the silence was broken by China's minister of Industry and Information Technology, Li Yizhong, who stated that Google must either obey Chinese law or "pay the consequences", leaving no room for a compromise. With more and more western countries building their own internet filters and internet monitoring schemes, it becomes ever harder to make a strong fist against China.
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RE: Sad?
by AndyM103 on Sat 13th Mar 2010 10:51 UTC in reply to "Sad?"
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Irrespective of my views on this issue I would like to say that is irresponsible to look at technological/engineering advances without at least occasionally considering them within the context of society.

Yes, OSnews does have quite a large focus on civil rights, and liberties, at the moment but that would seem to stem from a larger interaction between the technology we love and this area of society.

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