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In the News And thus, our true colours reveal. Since Obama was the young newcomer, technically savvy, many of us were hoping that he might support patent and/or copyright reform. In case our story earlier on this subject didn't already tip you off, this certainly will: Obama has sided squarely with the RIAA/MPAA lobby, and backs ACTA. No copyright and/or patent reform for you, American citizens!
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by StychoKiller on Sun 14th Mar 2010 02:16 UTC in reply to "comment by waid0004"
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Most of this so-called piracy could be curtailed if the creators of the work would go to the extra effort of disabling key features of the software that would NOT be enabled until the user supplied the fee and the creator supplied a cryptographic key to enable it. More hassle, oh yeah, but anytime someone goes screaming to the Govt. for protection, we get more freedoms taken away than we all bargained for.
Could the User then take their completely functional software and copy/pirate it? Probably, but if the key also had information tying their copy of the software to important personal information, such as THEIR bank acct number(s), they would probably find themselves on the losing end of the piracy! There are solutions, just no one willing to go the extra mile (kilometer) to implement them!

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