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Internet & Networking New Zealand's internet filtering system went live last month - but the government forgot to mention this to its electorate until its hand was forced by online freedom campaign, Tech Liberty. Thomas Beagle, a spokesman for the group, said he was "very disappointed that the filter is now running" and that its launch had been conducted in such a "stealthy mode". He added: "It's a sad day for the New Zealand internet." It's sad indeed, that things like this are possible in modern democracies.
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RE: Sad
by twitterfire on Sun 14th Mar 2010 16:32 UTC in reply to "Sad"
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It is sad. Media and Hollywood is brainwashing us, governments begin to adopt legislation that hurts our freedom, our rights, our privacy. We think that we are the champions of the democracy, we laugh at 3rd world countries, we laugh at theocracies like Iran, we laugh at the countries that we think are ruled by feudalism or totaliarism.

We laugh at them, but our foolproof, rock solid, established western democracy is heading to a wordlwide dictatorship.

We no longer care about our future, our rights, our privacy. We no long have a clue about what is good and what is bad. We no long have a scale of values. We no long think with our brain. If TV or Hollywood says that a thing is good, than is good. If TV or Hollywood says that a thing is bad, than is bad. If a retarded like Bush says that we must invade Iraq, than we invade it.

We no longer can decide our future, there are groups who decide on our behalf, groups who will told us what to do, who will decide on our behalf what is right or not. But we don't care, do we? They are deciding those things in our best interest, don't they? I mean, they are protecting us, don't they? What if we all, are a bunch of murderers, brainless, stupid people? And pedophiliacs. And drug dealers. Don't we deserve to be watched, monitored and eventually punished as a preventive measure. Maybe we don't have the right political convictions. And that's a crime, isn't it?

Maybe I tell a bunch of bullshit, but maybe there's a chance that I'm right. Maybe there's a chance that malefic, powerfull groups like Bilderberg and others are the master puppeteers. Maybe such groups who control the most important banks, the media, US and EU politics are controlling us too. Maybe some conspiracy theories, aren't conspiracy theories after all.

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