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Legal It's no secret to anyone that while Apple sued HTC, the lawsuit is more about Google than HTC itself. Since Android is open source, and owned by no one, it's kind of hard to go after Google itself, and as such, HTC was the prime target, since it is the number one Android smartphone maker. The New York Times has an in-depth article up about the subject, with a whole boatload of quotes from people within the two companies, and it paints a picture of all this being a highly emotional and personal vendetta - especially from Apple's side.
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Insecurity in the form of arrogance?
by porcel on Sun 14th Mar 2010 17:04 UTC
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How much confidence does Apple really have in its own products?

To want to push out others from a market it has entered and to feel that it is rightfully its own by virtue of having a successful products is arrogance at its best.

I support both iPhones and the Android "Magic" and "Heroes" at my company. They are both good phones, but by far I prefer the latter to the former in flexibility and reliability.

It is this feeling that I am not part of Apple's target group that always pushes me away from their products.

However nice, I always find them too restrictive and debating any problems with Apple's loyal fan base often seems like a complete exercise in futility because the starting premise often is that anything that Apple puts out is perfect all of the time for everyone.

Peace out.

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