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Legal It's no secret to anyone that while Apple sued HTC, the lawsuit is more about Google than HTC itself. Since Android is open source, and owned by no one, it's kind of hard to go after Google itself, and as such, HTC was the prime target, since it is the number one Android smartphone maker. The New York Times has an in-depth article up about the subject, with a whole boatload of quotes from people within the two companies, and it paints a picture of all this being a highly emotional and personal vendetta - especially from Apple's side.
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RE: Huh??
by darknexus on Sun 14th Mar 2010 19:07 UTC in reply to "Huh??"
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Apple rightfully has plenty of confidence in their products

Obviously they don't, or they'd let the product stand on its own instead of bullying everyone else around them. That seems to indicate a huge insecurity on Apple's part, their products aren't good enough so they go after others. For the record, I think a lot of their products are actually pretty good, however their pricing isn't. Compare the iPhone and Nexus One, the Nexus One can do everything the iPhone can do and some things it can't, yet is 2/3 the price of an unlocked iPhone. If you're on a network that supports the Nexus One, it's a logical choice over the iPhone on price/functionality at least for techies.
Apple could compete if they were willing to cut their margins a little. But they aren't, and they're scared they won't be able to maintain them. Instead of looking at their business plan though, they're simply lashing out. Stupid, and I think it'll be far worse for them in the long run.

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