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Legal It's no secret to anyone that while Apple sued HTC, the lawsuit is more about Google than HTC itself. Since Android is open source, and owned by no one, it's kind of hard to go after Google itself, and as such, HTC was the prime target, since it is the number one Android smartphone maker. The New York Times has an in-depth article up about the subject, with a whole boatload of quotes from people within the two companies, and it paints a picture of all this being a highly emotional and personal vendetta - especially from Apple's side.
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by lemur2 on Mon 15th Mar 2010 02:40 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: The App-Starter..."
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I am pleased for you that you like your PC with Windows 7, and it is of course a free world to espouse your beliefs and to champion your likes and belittle your dislikes, but don't do your wife and her friends/family a disservice by convincing them to drop their iPhones just because YOU don't like Apple and their policies; if they have problems with it, and you can offer a better solution, then fine. But if you just want everyone else to think and be like you, then contemplate diversity and a world where you are free to be an individual, or a sheep, but at least your option to choose.

No-one will have any option to choose if Apple are succesful (despite the fact that Apple did not invent smartphones) in their quest to become the only company that is allowed to make smartphones.

I think you are the one missing the point.

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