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In the News And thus, our true colours reveal. Since Obama was the young newcomer, technically savvy, many of us were hoping that he might support patent and/or copyright reform. In case our story earlier on this subject didn't already tip you off, this certainly will: Obama has sided squarely with the RIAA/MPAA lobby, and backs ACTA. No copyright and/or patent reform for you, American citizens!
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RE: selling out
by MadRat on Mon 15th Mar 2010 06:34 UTC in reply to "selling out"
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I think your 100-200 years is overstated twentyfold. It may not sustain itself 5-10 years from now the way the people have sat on their hands. You cannot sustain a republic without the majority of the political capital working towards sustaining its momentum. Republics are fragile by nature and need constant nurturing. It doesn't take a genius to look around and see a lack of harmony amongst the voters.

Until people dump the two party system in America there is no way to steer around the proverbial iceberg. The money supply exploded last year and inflation barely budged; who us kidding who? The real financial crunch is still on the horizon. When the piper comes a calling the nation we know it will change or die.

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