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Linux All Linux users have their own vision of the ideal distribution. Some people crave stability, others want new and exciting features, some people are very security focused and others are concerned about licensing. Warren Woodford has his own vision and he's made it accessible to the world via MEPIS. This week he was willing to take a few minutes to talk about his creation.
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SimplyMEPIS 8.5
by LinuxCanuck on Mon 15th Mar 2010 16:18 UTC
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Thanks for the Warren Woodford interview. It is great to see that SimplyMEPIS is back. I used MEPIS for two years after it first came out. I loved it. It was a solid distribution and my introduction to DEB, coming from RPM (Mandrake).

However, Warren took us for a roller coaster ride by switching the base to Ubuntu and back all in a few short months. I figured that I might as well stick with Ubuntu and have been there ever since. Now, I find that Shuttleworth instigated this debacle, I am not sure how I feel about that.

I have tried MEPIS over the years since, but it seemed old and stale. I have used KDE 4 since Alpha and switching back to KDE 3.5 seemed retro. I am glad that MEPIS has matured and wish Warren and MEPIS well. I don't think that I will switch back as I am used to sudo and having the latest and greatest apps, but I will recommend MEPIS to others.

Keep up the good work!

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