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GNU, GPL, Open Source Today's mobile space is owned by the likes of Nokia, RIM, Apple, and Google. While some of these corporations have embraced some open source components, a full FLOSS solution has yet to gain traction. Why? Blogger Bradley M. Kuhn posts thoughtful analysis of the current state of Open Source in the mobile space.
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RE: Design Thinking
by Laurence on Tue 16th Mar 2010 13:18 UTC in reply to "Design Thinking"
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I'm kind of disappointed with open source software these days.. It seems they stopped innovating, and are only creating technology for the sake of creating technology..

Innovation born from creating technology for the sake of creating technology.

Every technological advancement that immediately springs to mind has been created because someone thought "that kind of works, but wouldn't it work better if we added a bit of technology here"

Also, I think you're not taking into account that we're somewhat at a plateau in terms of development.
There isn't much that can be innovated which isn't just an evolutionary step.
Add to that the fact that open source generates less funding than proprietary solutions and that we are currently in a global recession, and it's not all that surprising that many releases are all about the "spit and polish" instead of huge revolutionary break-throughs.

And finally, I do think you can find innovative open source if you look for it: ZFS, dtrace, zones, xen, etc.
I don't know if most of the innovation appears to happen away from desktop because I'm more aware of enterprise solutions or if there is actually just not that much innovation on the desktop because most desktop users care about user experience and fancy desktop effects and theres better funding in enterprise solutions. But there is definitely still innovation on open source.

I really hope people on open source communities get that the user experience involves much more than just usability and unpolished eye candy.

user experience /IS/ usability and eye candy.

Everything else resides under the hood and is something only developers for that platform and techies/geeks would notice and/or care.

You have to remember exactly what a 'user' is when defining a user experience.

It's a pity you got market down though as, while I disagreed with nearly every point you've made, you do still raise an interesting argument.

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