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GNU, GPL, Open Source Today's mobile space is owned by the likes of Nokia, RIM, Apple, and Google. While some of these corporations have embraced some open source components, a full FLOSS solution has yet to gain traction. Why? Blogger Bradley M. Kuhn posts thoughtful analysis of the current state of Open Source in the mobile space.
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RE[2]: Design Thinking
by lemur2 on Tue 16th Mar 2010 14:20 UTC in reply to "RE: Design Thinking"
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Don't let the modding down upset you; it is relatively common when you say something critical about the Wonderland.

Modded down for complete inaccuracy. Apple doesn't innovate, it merely polishes existing ideas.

FOSS is many times more innovative than Apple.

It is fair enough to criticise if it bears some semblance to truth, but I don't see the point of outright lies.

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