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Internet Explorer As predicted, more Microsoft news from MIX10, and this is some big stuff: Internet Explorer 9. As we all know, Microsoft really let Internet Explorer rot away, allowing competitors to make much better browsers with better standards compliance and performance. With IE9, Microsoft is aiming to not just close that gap - but to overtake the competition. Update: Ars has an in-depth look at the platform preview.
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"Fianlly I hope to see a DirectX/OpenCL/OpenGL whatever API at the hardware level. If GPU rendering will become the norm OSes must have it anyway with specs and standards, without proprietary drivers, just like VESA."

Not sure that I agree with that.

Norms like VESA appeared because at the time, it was thought that hardware should offer advanced capabilities to all devs, get compatible with software.

But times have changed. Now, for the sake of reduced hardware price, the trend is that a lot of hardware (including very widespread one, like wireless) would use proprietary technology instead of norms, and that the provider would provide a driver for Windows only.

3D acceleration is already everywhere. It is on more than 95% of the computers due to Windows Vista/7 specs. I don't think pushing it forward even further and making it mandatory for normal internet operation will make standardization less painful. Instead, it'll probably make thing worse for indie OS devs who only get beta-quality driver or no driver at all from the manufacturer.

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