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Internet Explorer As predicted, more Microsoft news from MIX10, and this is some big stuff: Internet Explorer 9. As we all know, Microsoft really let Internet Explorer rot away, allowing competitors to make much better browsers with better standards compliance and performance. With IE9, Microsoft is aiming to not just close that gap - but to overtake the competition. Update: Ars has an in-depth look at the platform preview.
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Vorbis is an audio code, the open video codec from is called Theora.

But why not support Theora (and Vorbis for that matter) out of the box? What is stopping them? What would it hurt?

Default support for Theora in all HTML5-capable browsers is entirely in line with the original design intent of the web. h264 is not.

More code to manage, audit (for IP purposes), maintain for a very limited scope of customers that can't be justified when compared to other things that are of more importance. If the Theora boosters want it to be adopted then they should provide a DirectShow CODEC that allows encoding and decoding. Nothing has stopped the Theora boosters except for apologists like you who expect everyone else to do the heavy lifting so that you can feel warm and fuzzy about your technology of choice.

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