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Windows Since MIX10 is still under way, we're going to have quite a few Microsoft items this week, with Windows Phone 7 Series and Internet Explorer 9 being the main points of focus. We've been speculating a while now about if and how Microsoft would support multitasking on their upcoming mobile operating system reboot, and now we finally have answers: no, it won't do multitasking - at least, not right away.
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by bralkein on Wed 17th Mar 2010 00:35 UTC in reply to "multitasking..."
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Seriously, the multitasking on the N900 is a godsend, I can't imagine doing without it.

Is there anyone out there with some experience in mobile development who could explain in detail why multitasking seems to be so problematic? The excuses of battery life and responsiveness seem pretty weak to me. For example, I have seen graphics-heavy games on the iPhone and WinPhone (and Maemo too!) which drain the battery in no time. I have spoken to a few non-techies about this, and they seem to understand perfectly well that working the device harder will affect performance and battery life, but they don't care as long as there is an opportunity to recharge in time. This is also common knowledge with Bluetooth as well (AFAICT), but still people will use it if they want to.

This isn't 1995 and I think many people understand the limits of computing devices fairly well now. Only the most clueless user would open 5000 apps on a PC and then fail to understand why it's slowed to a crawl. Surely the same applies to phones too?

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