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GNU, GPL, Open Source Today's mobile space is owned by the likes of Nokia, RIM, Apple, and Google. While some of these corporations have embraced some open source components, a full FLOSS solution has yet to gain traction. Why? Blogger Bradley M. Kuhn posts thoughtful analysis of the current state of Open Source in the mobile space.
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@lemur2:You may get this result, but only provided that you chose to use only <X>% of Linux software capabilities.

You talk about using only Qt, but then you have to give up on GIMP, Inkscape, Emesene, Ardour, Firefox...
Conversely, those who want a GTK-only desktop give up on Kile, Rosegarden, Qtractor, KTouch, Opera, QJackCtl...
You want to use only ALSA + Phonon ? Fine, then you drop almost all high-end audio software on linux, they rely on Jack.

Please correct me if part of this is outdated, I don't check package dependencies everyday. But I think most of it is still right as of today.

Basically, choosing to use Linux in a non-messy fashion is dropping, say, 75% of powerful linux software. One day, you might need this software. And then you'll have to make your system more messy or switch to another OS. That's my problem with Linux. I prefer it over other options*, but like OS X it definitely IS a mess when you try to do a little more with it than playing Minesweeper.

*Except sometimes, like when I find out that my distro have pushed forward that broken dmix duplicate called Pulseaudio again and that there's no more sound in the new release.

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