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Google "Google is changing the way it handles the unique identifier that accompanies each installation of its Chrome browser. As noticed by H-Online, a Google white paper says the company will now delete the unique ID after the browser updates itself for the first time. Google has confirmed with The Reg that the change will be made with the upcoming Chrome 4.1."
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RE[2]: SRWare Iron
by Neolander on Wed 17th Mar 2010 21:40 UTC in reply to "RE: SRWare Iron"
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Actually, anything BUT google's products would be far better, especially if you want to stay secure and you want to save your privacy while surfing the internet.

That's no use. The core servers and backbones of the Internet are owned by only a few companies and governments. If you want privacy, the sole way is not to find and put anything on the Web ;)

Limited trust is what one needs. Besides - there are many other webkit-based web browsers ... some of them gives you actual control over your browser, they also throws some more options, not only 'home', 'stop' and taskbar

What if you run Linux and actually want a browser with simple features and intuitive UI, multiple search engines built in the address bar, data that comes back when you click "back", does not crashes when flash or a rendering process crashes, and all that with excellent performance thanks to removed unused features ?

It's not just about Webkit. Tried Arora, and performance is many times worse than that of Chrome. Webkit does not do all the rendering work by itself, it needs a good backend.

And then... Most people use IE or Firefox now. It's not like google have taken over the web. Some day, when somebody's done a better product than Chromium for the Linux users who want simplicity, cool UI, and performance, it'll be time for chrome/chromium users to switch to a new product. But now, it's the best compromise I may find on Linux.

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