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Multimedia, AV This one was accidentally deleted from the submission queue when it was first submitted some time ago, so I decided to keep it around for a slow news day (such as this one - dear lord, it's quiet). FFmpeg developer Mans penned down a number of crucial problems with the Ogg container format.
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RE[4]: Why not use Matroska?
by npcomplete on Thu 18th Mar 2010 02:23 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Why not use Matroska?"
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Yes, that is a comparison that I would also like to see.

I think though, from all that I've read and experienced as just a user of both containers, that it would probably be easier to improve streaming support in Matroska, should it prove significantly worse, than to address the deficiencies in Ogg at the moment (bringing it up to par with Mkv feature wise and technical flexibility/robustness)

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