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Features, Office Since everybody in the technology world is apparently having a vacation, and nobody told me about it, we're kind of low on news. As such, this seems like the perfect opportunity to gripe about something I've always wanted to gripe about: a number of common mistakes in English writing in the comments section. I'll also throw in some tidbits about my native language, Dutch, so you can compare and contrast between the two.
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Not that I doubt it, but do you have a source for your origin of possessives? I've never heard that before, and it seems a bit of a stretch.

This is going back to Proto-Indo European. It is *NOT* true that that was ever the case in English, else why the heck is S also use possessive in Swedish and the other Scandinavian languages? It isn't because of English influence, that is for sure. IIRC, the Genitive case used an S in this position in common Germanic tongues.

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