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Features, Office Since everybody in the technology world is apparently having a vacation, and nobody told me about it, we're kind of low on news. As such, this seems like the perfect opportunity to gripe about something I've always wanted to gripe about: a number of common mistakes in English writing in the comments section. I'll also throw in some tidbits about my native language, Dutch, so you can compare and contrast between the two.
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RE[2]: A few points
by henderson101 on Fri 19th Mar 2010 10:40 UTC in reply to "RE: A few points"
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"Look, it's a historian" is too choppy and breaks up the flow of the sentence.

"Look, it's an istorian" just flows off the tongue.

It's similar to how French works with the "liason" (forget the technical term) between the last consonant sound of one word and the first vowel sound of another.

Makes the sound flow like a melody instead of being choppy like a bass-line.

Probably "glide vowel"?

More importantly, the word is Historian. As a British English speaker, I would NEVER say Istorian, ever. I would always pronounce the H in Herb too. The brand "Herbal Essences" tried to use the US pronunciation of the name (i.e. "erbal essences") over here, and it didn't work. They now use the correct British pronunciation "herbal essences", which screws up the flow of their product name, but doesn't grate on the ears.

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