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General Development "With chip makers continuing to increase the number of cores they include on each new generation of their processors, perhaps it's time to rethink the basic architecture of today's operating systems, suggested Dave Probert, a kernel architect within the Windows core operating systems division at Microsoft."
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Sounds a bit like exokernel
by Mark Williamson on Fri 19th Mar 2010 17:38 UTC
Mark Williamson
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The approach described (making the OS more like a hypervisor, with apps performing their own resource management) sounds like the Exokernel / Vertically Structured OS (e.g. Nemesis) research from a while back. The idea of partitioning different kinds of code onto different CPUs also resembles the Piglet aysymmetric multiprocessing OS prototype (IIRC that was a Linux that could dedicate a CPU to kernel stuff and a CPU to applications; something like that anyhow).

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