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In the News A serious dispute is brewing in the world of ebooks, pitting publishers and Apple against giant online retailer Amazon. A significant part of the appeal of ebooks is that they are (or should be) much cheaper than printed editions. In the publishing world, royalties paid to the author typically represent just 10% of the retail price. Both publishers and retailers take their cut. Printing is usually 30%, and then there are warehousing and shipping costs.
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Too many fronts
by daedalus8 on Fri 19th Mar 2010 19:17 UTC
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Is it just me or Apple is becoming Nazi Germany? Too powerful at first, so angry and ambitious. They opened so many Fronts in the war that could not concentrate in one.

Too many war fronts = you lose the war.

Apple is doing just that. Books, phones, etc. I don't see a good future for Apple. I do like they're products but I hate their idiosyncrasy.

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