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OSNews, Generic OSes Online advertising has been a hot topic for the past week or so, with Ars Technica trying out an interesting, somewhat desperate experiment wherein they blocked access to their content for people using Adblock. Of course, if this were to become some kind of movement among publishers, it would probably just spark a technological cat-and-mouse game that would surely be reminiscent of DRM cracking or iPhone jailbreaking. But in their post-mortem, Ars states that it was a worthwhile awareness campaign, and I hope that's true. But I thought it would be a good idea to try to bring the collective OSNews brainpower together and crowdsource the idea of how to raise money for a web site in an age where advertising is increasingly un-viable.
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Number 1 running noscript with defualt settings does not only kill of using javascript.

It killed off using flash java and silverlight and all other browser plug-ins from sources that user does not choose to allow.

So yes flash cookies don't get in past a noscript wall.

The idea that javascript is not dangerous in some form is also wrong. Badly coded javascript slows browser down. Somecases even crash the website out.. Auto reloading crap lot of banner ads suppliers use eats up bandwidth of mine I am not getting paid for. Larger than the content I want to see. Also slows down my browser.

Then there is a major issue with using about:blank with javascript by the way. There have been a lot of cross site attacks done by using about:blank. about:blank is not assigned to any particular site.

Some of these advertising firms need thier ass kicked for using about:blank.

Finding about:blank in the list of locations want to run scripts is pure bad coding. The big problem is the source location of the script is masked. So how can I simply report a error in that script to the right person. Also how can I be sure its not another site using about:blank that has caused about:blank on the page I am viewing to screw up.

Please note I was not yelling from a scuirty point of view about javascript being used to provide ads. Using about:blank todo it is purely wrong.

The other issue I was covering with javascript and plugins all browsers can turn them off. All. So depending on them to make you money without a plan b is stupidity.

Then the blind who do use computer by the way will not see image ads at all ever. So another section of market missed out on. If anyone browses in with a text mode browser they are not going to see them either.

Not only does providing text links to likes of amazon where you are a refering people gets around items like adblock and noscript. It makes sure you can make income from all classes of people who visit your site.

Basically is lazyness/stupidity not to provide some. Why should I fell sorry anyone who is either lazy or stupid.

Heck the first forms of adblocking were proxy servers. Those substituted the images. This problem of ads blocked is not new. Advertisers should be up in arms at these advertisement systems for not even to be able to work with 1996 tech. Ie adblocking has be done for over 10 years in the same basic ways. Why are you guys still using methods that run straight into them.

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