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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku's new web browser, WebPositive, has seen a new update. This new release benefits from updates in app_server and enables better text and canvas rendering. The new WebKit-based browser also has new support for bookmarks and additional usability improvements. Find out more at the developer's blog.
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RE: Fast! Fast! Fast!
by stippi on Sun 21st Mar 2010 10:25 UTC in reply to "Fast! Fast! Fast!"
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Christian Packman is to credit for the fast scaled bitmap rendering. He wrote assembly code versions of the scaling routines I wrote. The Chrome rendering has excellent down-scaling. The Haiku app_server downscaling only looks good above a factor of 0.5. But I don't believe proper downscaling is the main reason for Chrome's slowness. Firefox on Windows should also be faster, but Chrome on Windows appears as slow as the Linux version. But the WebKit guys are already working on hardware accelerated compositing from what I understand of the codebase so they should soon catch up to IE9 in rendering speed. And of course Chrome is much faster in other respects -- network caching, faster Javascript and multi-threading contribute to an overall much snappier experience. Eventually, we should be able to have all that enabled in WebPositive as well.

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