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Features, Office Since everybody in the technology world is apparently having a vacation, and nobody told me about it, we're kind of low on news. As such, this seems like the perfect opportunity to gripe about something I've always wanted to gripe about: a number of common mistakes in English writing in the comments section. I'll also throw in some tidbits about my native language, Dutch, so you can compare and contrast between the two.
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RE: then/than
by Darkness on Sun 21st Mar 2010 16:55 UTC in reply to "then/than"
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I can also do without the "LOL", "ROTFLMAO"

actually, in Dutch, lol is a word which more or less translates to fun. 'Lollig' would then be 'funny'.

So us dutchies can usually live with the use of LOL ;)

Your/You're is also a common mistake that is easy to fix if you think about what you are writing. Same as their/they're.

A thing that sometimes bothers me in Dutch is people consistently using 'wat' (=what) instead of 'dat' (=that) in a sentence to refer to something that precedes it in the sentence.

Example: 'het boek wat ik lees' or 'het boek dat ik lees'.
An article (in dutch) about this topic:

English makes it easy by allowing you to leave out that word: The book (that) I read. (I'm reading might be better)

It is commonly accepted or even correct to use wat instead of dat but usually dat is the preferred form. The rules around this subject seem a bit fuzzy.

As a Belgian, speaking Flemish rather than Dutch (more a difference in sound and usage of some words than actual language difference), I often have the impression that people from the Netherlands more consistently seem to use wat instead of dat but that could just be me...

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