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Legal Finally - after a few weeks, HTC has actually officially issued a statement regarding the patent infringement lawsuit Apple has thrown towards the Taiwanese phone maker. As you probably already anticipated, HTC states it will fully defend itself against Apple. It's on, it's on.
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RE[7]: OK, supose Apple wins
by ariarinen on Mon 22nd Mar 2010 07:23 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: OK, supose Apple wins"
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My example was for an aircraft design which was in fact of European origin. The non-European customers got to assemble most of the fleet in their own country. They chose it because the Americans are unbelieveably precious about their alleged IP, and that attitude flies in the face of the sovreignity of other nations.

As the Americans steadily become more and more precious about alleged IP, this type of thing will happen more and more often.
Could it be Saab 37 Viggen? And there are plenty of license built American planes in Europa like the F-16 for the original NATO partners where assembled in the Netherlands, most of Finlands F-18 are assembled in Finland to name a few examples.

Now days the customer are pretty strong, do to harder competition on the market and they demand more tech transfers and that majority of the fleet is assembled locally.

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