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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu How surprised would you be, if I walked up to you and told you that every human needs oxygen to survive? I'm assuming that you wouldn't at all be surprised - you might start feeling a little uneasy that a random stranger walked up to you with such a crazy question, but you wouldn't be surprised by the we-need-oxygen fact. Apparently, people are surprised that Ubuntu is not a democracy.
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by Neolander on Mon 22nd Mar 2010 08:19 UTC
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Sure, open source is not democracy, but as of today we still have the right to choose our dictator, and I think that shuttleworth's product will disappear from my PC once a competitor is mature enough.

For years, I've been struggling with ubuntu breaking some things because it looks cool.

-The free radeon driver (don't remember when, but they ditched it in a release and let me forced to use the marvellous AMD linux driver on my old radeon 9600, eventually leaving X always crashing)
-Audio (On 8.04 and 9.10, due to pulseaudio nonsense. But oh well, being able to play sound over a network is so much better than stability...)

And now, they're going to push forward new windows buttons just because they look cool and different, and do it horribly wrong. Close button must be quickly accessible, and that's why it has to be put in a corner. On a system where menus are nested in the windows, buttons should be on the right, because it avoids accidentally pushing them when trying to click on a menu. And let's not think about the fact that about every Ubuntu user comes from the Windows and Mac OS X world and actually likes that some things still work the same way.

Don't know where I'm going. I'm getting fed up with the linux world, with Fedora being too much experimental for everyday use, OpenSUSE being more bloated than Windows and more silly about drivers than Debian, Mandriva being unable to switch to the standard-compliant Network manager since so many years.

More generally, I'm getting fed up with those projects which simply don't seem to understand that UNIX won't adapt itself to GUI operation by tweaking X11, that it was designed with console work and procedural programming in mind and has several major design flaws in that area (like a X11 crash making you loose all data in opened applications).

Maybe going to code haiku drivers for my hardware. Maybe going back to Windows or ReactOS, Windows 7 is not that bad when you look at it. Maybe taking a look at those x86-compatible AmigaOS clones. But having found only one ubuntu release (9.04) satisfying my needs in a while is not enough. Once it dies, I'll go somewhere else.

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