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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu How surprised would you be, if I walked up to you and told you that every human needs oxygen to survive? I'm assuming that you wouldn't at all be surprised - you might start feeling a little uneasy that a random stranger walked up to you with such a crazy question, but you wouldn't be surprised by the we-need-oxygen fact. Apparently, people are surprised that Ubuntu is not a democracy.
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RE[4]: Democracy
by Neolander on Mon 22nd Mar 2010 19:34 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Democracy"
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Since when did not sucking horribly require inspiration from mac? ui design for network connector is not rocket science.

First, I did not say that (or at least did not mean it). My point was that NM design appeared after OS X and looks strangely close, so that it is probably reasonable to say that they didn't find it out all by themselves.

About rocket science... I would think the same way as you if I did not met the way of...
-Windows network assistants (95->XP)
-Messy third-party tools for network connection when Windows was not good at it
-Vista/7's network center (when I see that, I have a feeling of nostalgia about assistants)
-Network management on Mac OS Classic

It looks like making network connection that just works is not that obvious...

I'd rather have it work like my n900 though - no queries for gnome keyring passwords or annoying stuff like that.

Well, I usually answer "continue" without typing a password when I see that window, it tells me that what I do is extremely dangerous and then never annoys me again.

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