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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Palm. It's that big clunky part of your hand that doesn't get any of the attention - the fingers, the thumb especially, get all the glory. Just think, however, what your hands would be like if you didn't have palms, and your fingers just grew straight out of your wrist. Doesn't look so hot now, does it? Well, Palm is supposedly about to go under, if you were to believe the reports. Update: Palm has just announced that the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus will become available on AT&T in the coming months.
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Openness: funny, oddly enough, that's precisely why Apple's iPhone platform is doing so well: it isn't too open for the majority of customers.

Nope. The iPhone is doing so well because it appears to be an open platform (ie it's sold as having all of the stuff people want).
The fact that it's actually closed or open in the true sense is completely irrelevant for most people

This is also, apparently, not a show-stopper for professional (or would-be professional) developers.

Tell that to the number professional developers that have had their previously approved apps pulled, updates randomly rejected and even whole new apps rejected based on double standards.

There's plenty of disgruntled iPhone developers making a lot of noise about how Apple's closed ecosystem is a deal breaker for them.

However I don't really want to get into a detailed discussion about the iPhone as it inevitably ends up a religious war rather than a civilised conversation (plus this topic is about Palm and webOS, NOT Apple/iPhone)

Second: seriously, Objective-C (only someone that's not a serious legit developer would call it ObjectC)

Thank you for the correction but please don't be an asshole about it. Mistakes happen - even from "serious legit developers"

Objective-C is not nearly the "Barrier to entry" you think it is:

All I said was Javascript is a lower barrier to entry - which it is.
I'm not trying to argue anything more than that.

Not only that, but unlike JavaScript which is interpreted, Objective-C is compiled and runs at native speeds: sure, it may not be as fast as old ANSI C or C++, but it blows JavaScript out of the water for speed

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Javascript is compiled on webOS (much like it is on some desktop browsers). So while it isn't C++ fast, it's still a huge step up from interpreted execution

Now, you can point at all the negative publicity Microsoft has and Apple has, but really: what percentage of the non-tech geek crowd gives a rat's rear on average?

Hence my point that Palm could have promoted the "underdog" act more.
I guess a bit like how the "I'm a Mac" commercials were promoting all the negative aspects of Windows that most of the "non-tech geek crowd" wouldn't have given a rat's arse about otherwise.

The rest of your post is pretty much just echoing comments I've made in the past - which leads me to believe that you've read my comments expecting it to be some kind of pro-Palm fanboy BS and then formed a disproportionate retort.

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