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Mozilla & Gecko clones It has long been known that in addition to the N900 port of Firefox (released just 49 days ago) Mozilla have been targeting Windows Mobile, drawing ever nearer to a release. They have now decided to put the port on hold, following the news of Windows Phone 7 Series at MIX (and what that holds for Windows Mobile 6.5). "While we think Windows Phone 7 looks interesting and has the potential to do well in the market, Microsoft has unfortunately decided to close off development to native applications. Because of this, we won't be able to provide Firefox for Windows Phone 7 at this time. Given that Microsoft is staking their future in mobile on Windows Mobile 7 (not 6.5) and because we don't know if or when Microsoft will release a native development kit, we are putting our Windows Mobile development on hold."
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Lost the plot?
by Toonie on Tue 23rd Mar 2010 11:00 UTC
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Hmm, I couldn't help but think Microsoft are shooting themselves in the foot, when I first heard that they are planning to lock out unauthorized apps with WP7. I am a long standing Win Mobile user, not because I really like Microsoft, but because there was a lot of applications for it, which I really used. These are from games, media players, TomTom, etc.

When the iPhone came along, I was wary, and when I realised that Apple had locked out unauthorised apps, I was pretty set against it.

I love the 'idea' of Android. It being an open system and all, and although it has Market Place, I know that I wouldn't be tied to it, and I can still 'install' applications the old fashioned way if I need to. The problem with Android for me, is the lack of support for what I need; good navigation app (I tried the Win Mobile version of Co-pilot Live, and it's poor compared to TomTom, and I can't use Google Nav here in the UK), and there is still no support for gapless music playback as far as I know, which really sucks for me. I really want to go over to Android though, but I just need it to do what I want it to.

If Microsoft are going to lockout apps like Apple, then they will be removing the one big selling point for me, and they'll be making my move to Android all the quicker, IE my next phone. I guess Windows Mobile, PocketPC, Windows CE, Windows Phone etc will end up going the way of Palm, and look where they were 10 years ago.

Just my rant for the day.

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