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Opera Software Think of Opera what you want, but those Norwegian guys and girls know how to get publicity. The company has announced it has submitted Opera Mini to the iPhone's App Store, and it has launched a website with a count-up timer, following how long it will take Apple to approve it - if at all, of course.
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Right now Apple is in a bit of a jam because technically Apple can reject Opera browser citing two specific reasons. One obvious one they've cited prior is the duplication of functionality rule. Second not so obvious restriction is the application cannot have it's own interpreter. This is reason why Commodore 64 emulator was not allowed to have a Basic interpreter. This opens the door for third party apps to run inside the interpreter. Javascript interpreter does indeed violate this rule.

An iPad will come with it's own book store which means suddenly Kindle Reader or Stanza is in violation of duplication of functionality rule. Does that mean Apple will pull those apps for the iPad but allow it for iPhone and iPod touch? If Apple allows third party ebook reader apps for the iPad, does that mean they should allow Amazon MP3 store app too?

Apple App Store's rules are already seen as very arbitrary and inconsistent as it is but it's about to get even worse. If Apple cuts a content deal with National Geographics, what happens to naked african woman pictures? What about art magazines with classical paintings of naked women? Will they have a different rule for magazine and book content while keeping current "no sexually suggestive" content rule for apps except Playboy and Sport Illustrated swim suit app? How will they reconcile these conflicting rules or will they even try?

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