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FreeBSD The FreeBSD team has released FreeBSD 7.3, the fourth release of the 7-STABLE branch. There will be one more release in this branch, but at this point, most developers are already working on the 8-STABLE branch. FreeBSD 7.3 focusses on bug fixes, but has a few new features as well.
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Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Same scenario here. Personally, I think the parent is correct. If BSD hadn't had the legal issues it did in the early 90s it had a really good shot at becoming the dominant "free" UNIX.

The parent ascribed Linux dominance to hardware support, not to legal issues. But I'd agree with you on that - those legal issues were probably decisive at the time, in holding back BSD while Linux grew.

I think Linux would have been better served maintaining a concentric core and base system.

What are you counting as the base system? Linux distros are all pretty consistent about the basic userspace software - it's all the standard GNU packages, glibc, coreutils, etc. The differences between e.g Fedora and Ubuntu are infinitesimal compared to the differences between either of them and any other Unix variant...

The differences are mostly in package management and boot/network configuration - which I'll grant you, can be a pain sometimes, but don't really hold anything back...

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