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Google Two months ago, Google announced its intention to stop censoring search results in China, while also stating it may even leave the country altogether. The announcement followed the news that Chinese crackers had attempted to crack the accounts of human rights activists. The search giant has stayed true to its word: starting today, search results are no longer censored in China. Google employed a clever trick to get there: they reroute Chinese users to the uncensored Hong Kong version of Google. Instant update: China has already responded: "Google has violated its written promise it made when entering the Chinese market by stopping filtering its searching service and blaming China in insinuation for alleged hacker attacks."
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Remember, the Soviet Union was a Democratic Socialist Republic...

According to what definition? Just because the word "Democratic" is used doesn't mean it is true.

The way I see it, the more the word "Democratic" or "People's" is used, the worse it is for those who wish that something is democratic or for the people.

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