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Multimedia, AV And so the H264/Theora debate concerning HTML5 video continues. The most recent entry into the discussion comes from John Gruber, who argues that Theora is more in danger of patent litigation than H264. He's wrong, and here's why.
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by darwinOS on Thu 25th Mar 2010 13:18 UTC in reply to "RE: but..."
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If google really believes that supporting Theora is minimal threat, why don't they Use it on YOUTUBE? why did they invested in buying a new Codecs? Google is like a whore if you pay them (with supporting Theora, they get the OSS- Supporters heart), they gonna do what ever you want! They do any thing to get more users and Ads market.
Only the future will tell, I don't believe that Mozilla will keep their Position, Google is taking their Market-space. Buy supporting both Codecs they are getting Firefox-users, but they will not use Theora in any Productive Space.

my two cents

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