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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "We noticed a minor textual change on the JooJoo order page just a few days back, and apparently it was no mistake - Fusion Garage has announced today that its long-awaited tablet PC has started to ship from the factory. For those who pre-ordered (and stuck with it), they'll get theirs as early as March 29th, while everyone can get in line by plopping down their USD 499 after the fact."
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by Neolander on Fri 26th Mar 2010 07:35 UTC
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Won't buy a JooJoo because :

1/I want a real OS ^^ Not a browser restricted to a browser and a media player, that's being trapped in cloud madness. Neither an iPhoneOS device that wants me to lick the a** of Jobs in order to do a single thing. Hope the Courier team listens to me...
2/I'm not buying anything from Fusion Garage after what they did to TechCrunch.

Still... Hope they manage to make this sell well, just so that Apple get punched in the face. They're getting more and more evil, powerful, and arrogant lately, and hence really deserve it before getting even more ambitious and trying to make the Macbook Air turn into an iPhone-OS powered device, then the rest of the Macbook family, then the iMacs, and then break iThing compatibility with Windows...

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