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Privacy, Security, Encryption It's that time of the year again; that time of the year where news outlets get to indulge in sensationalist headlines about how Mac OS X got hacked in twenty seconds. Yes, CanSecWest just held its Pwn2Own contest again, and they fell like drunk 16-year-olds this time (don't read too much into that one, please).
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RE[2]: Windows 7 secure? Ha!
by mnem0 on Fri 26th Mar 2010 08:39 UTC in reply to "RE: Windows 7 secure? Ha!"
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Microsoft always rolls huge marketing pushes before each release and almost every time reality comes out much more bleaker. The biggest ones I remember is:

* .NET pre-release marketing where .NET would be the new Internet and the new OS and everything (.NET was still nice but honest marketing would have said, "it's like a bugfixed Java with generics").

* Vista was hyped with stuff like WinFS, "buffer overflows are now history due to ASLR/DEP" and 10 second boot time (yes they said that!).

* Win7 was hyped as having as good perf as XP or sometimes better but in reality win7 is as slow as Vista and sometimes slower.

A lot of people, including Thom unfortunately, keeps buying into and repeating the hype instead of reviewing what's _actually_ there.

Right now IE9 is hyped with comments like "same markup, same results" but we already know right now that Microsoft will only ship H264 so any HTML5 markup that uses the video element will not be "same markup, same results". Also there will be no Acid3, they will still include the ActiveX security hole "feature" because of backwards compatibility.

IE9 will be too late, too slow and won't render the modern web at the time it ships. IE9 will be used mostly by people who don't know what a browser is etc (that of course unfortunately means IE9 will have a significant market share; )

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