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Privacy, Security, Encryption It's that time of the year again; that time of the year where news outlets get to indulge in sensationalist headlines about how Mac OS X got hacked in twenty seconds. Yes, CanSecWest just held its Pwn2Own contest again, and they fell like drunk 16-year-olds this time (don't read too much into that one, please).
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RE[4]: Windows 7 secure? Ha!
by abraxas on Fri 26th Mar 2010 11:02 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Windows 7 secure? Ha!"
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Ah, we're back tot he pro-Microsoft accusations. I guess we got tired of the OSS-zealot accusations.

If it makes you feel any better Thom I don't think you're a Microsoft zealot, I just think you're wrong. ;)

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