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Privacy, Security, Encryption It's that time of the year again; that time of the year where news outlets get to indulge in sensationalist headlines about how Mac OS X got hacked in twenty seconds. Yes, CanSecWest just held its Pwn2Own contest again, and they fell like drunk 16-year-olds this time (don't read too much into that one, please).
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RE: All are secure until broken
by Jon Dough on Fri 26th Mar 2010 11:12 UTC in reply to "All are secure until broken"
Jon Dough
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[...] The only solution for this is, you be cautious & secure rather than you relay on browsers, like limiting yourself with only legitimate sites. As long as you are in the limit you are almost (99.99%) safe and not opening any mail attachment for until you are sure of what you are opening.

And you can't let your guard down. The hackers are getting better at the social end of it. I like to believe I'm situationally aware, but I almost fell for a link from a friend on Facebook. Had I not seen someone else's post about how these links led to some sort of virus, I would've been toast.

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