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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless When it comes to Apple, rumours are an almost essential part of the mythos. Entire websites are dedicated to publishing rumours about supposed new products, software updates, "leaked" images, and even the personal lives of its executives. These rumours are almost exclusively benign, and allow us to have silly debates nobody cares about. However, for some companies, rumours turn nasty - very nasty. Palm just went through two of these.
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why so much negativity toward Palm?
by Click on Fri 26th Mar 2010 11:35 UTC
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I don't understand the current negativity coming toward Palm. People usually rally around the underdog, especially when they truly deserve it. The Pre along with WebOS is a great product. Small, elegant, functional and fun to use. The Pre-plus is much improved hardware that is now available on multiple carriers. WebOS has been constantly improved in performance and functionality since the launch - And Palm is not locking it down but rather openly encouraging homebrew development and customization. That should make it much more appealing to techies than the overly controlled competition. Its the best, most fun phone i've ever used by far.

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