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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "We noticed a minor textual change on the JooJoo order page just a few days back, and apparently it was no mistake - Fusion Garage has announced today that its long-awaited tablet PC has started to ship from the factory. For those who pre-ordered (and stuck with it), they'll get theirs as early as March 29th, while everyone can get in line by plopping down their USD 499 after the fact."
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RE[2]: Neolander
by Neolander on Fri 26th Mar 2010 18:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Neolander"
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Well, both accuse the other of being the vilain, so it's a matter of common sense : what do we know about Arrington and Fusion garage ?

TechCrunch is not a profit-centered website. It's not Amazon, Ebay, or whatever. They make profits through ads, but essentially are a community-oriented news website. Arrington started the Crunchpad thing because a pack of people including him tought that a $200 tablet device for browsing the web would be something great.

The primary goal of Fusion Garage, however, is not to share thought and centralize information, nor to make something because it looks cool. Their primary goal, as a company, is to make a lot of money.

Then, as the Crunchpad project gets close to completion, a magical event makes it the property of Fusion Garage. And they won't mention the people who started it all, no, they even change the name to something totally idotic so that it's not about TechCrunch anymore. Look for a mention of the name of Michael Arrington or of TechCrunch on : there's none. It's all about Fusion Garage. They made it all.

Sure, Arrington may have done some nasty things on his side. But the final setting is Fusion Garage trying to money out of the Crunchpad idea without even telling about the authors. This violates intellectual property, not in the DMCA sense of "property of people who patented it" but in the logical sense of "property of people who got the idea to begin with".

So in my opinion, Fusion Garage look extremely suspicious, and are indeed guilty of IP violation...

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