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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Yesterday on the radio I heard a segment about the magazine and newspaper business' excitement about the iPad platform, and what it means for their (ailing) business. Let me just say I'm skeptical. It sounds like the primary innovation they're planning is rich-media, interactive advertisements. Because if there's one thing that's wrong with the publishing industry, it's that their ads aren't intrusive enough. At the end of the radio segment, they announced that virtual "issues" of popular magazines on the iPad will cost $3. Let me predict now that this will end in tears. On the other hand, Apple's decision to pre-populate their bookstore with 30K books from Project Gutenberg is a great idea, and will do more for the iPad platform than $3 magazines and Auto ads disguised as VR racing games.
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by Neolander on Fri 26th Mar 2010 18:37 UTC
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Give me one more, and I might buy an iPhone OS device : after removing App Store lock-in and Itunes lock-in, I also want the right to use it on whatever device I want, not only iphone-ish tablets : the iPhoneOS devices are nice toys, but they're extremely expensive and the smaller ones definitely lack a keyboard when it comes to serious things. And paying several dozens of dollars when you need to replace your USB cable is just ridiculous.

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