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Multimedia, AV In January, we had read the various arguments regarding Mozilla's decision not to get an H.264 license. This has generated a lot of discussion about the future of video on the web. With Youtube, Dailymotion, Hulu and Vimeo having adopted H.264 for HD video, Mozilla and Opera should use the codecs installed on a user's system to determine what the browser can play, rather than force other vendors to adopt Ogg. Refusing to support a superior codec would be a disservice to your users in years to come. Why hold back the majority of your users because 2% of your users are on niche OSes?
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I'd go for Theora..
by andih on Sat 27th Mar 2010 14:37 UTC
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usually i agree more or less with the authors writing on Osnews, this time I don't.

I don't believe that theora is as bad as author of article sais it is. There are big companies using a lot of money trying to make people believe just that.. My experiences from the format are pretty good, and I like the idea of a free standard that's open to everybody. and that everybody can help improving.

Making H264 the new web standard will just brew a lot more pirates and I'm sure that the world will not benefit from it, while a few big companies getting paid the royalties will.

I am a fan of open standards and most people that are into security are aware that "security through obscurity" is not the way to go making a secure web standard. Also bug usually stay around for a much longer time than on open standards. I'm not a fan of adobe at all, but I'd rather depend on adobe than on apple!! Adobe have been lazy fixing bugs, but apple are evil b*st*rds.. Nobody should feel safe when apple is in charge..:p

Just about everything on my home computer is open source and I think it should be a human right to be able to use the internet and my own computer without having to pay "taxes" and depend on greedy and lazy companies thinking only of money and power, and not the best for the users..

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