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Privacy, Security, Encryption It's that time of the year again; that time of the year where news outlets get to indulge in sensationalist headlines about how Mac OS X got hacked in twenty seconds. Yes, CanSecWest just held its Pwn2Own contest again, and they fell like drunk 16-year-olds this time (don't read too much into that one, please).
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RE: All are secure until broken
by bert64 on Sat 27th Mar 2010 15:29 UTC in reply to "All are secure until broken"
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The trouble with only viewing legitimate sites, is that even legit sites can get hacked, or serve ads from third party sites...
The best thing to do, is isolate your browser from anything important you do, and use a niche browser running on a niche os (and proprietary things like flash severely hamper this)

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