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FreeBSD The FreeBSD team has released FreeBSD 7.3, the fourth release of the 7-STABLE branch. There will be one more release in this branch, but at this point, most developers are already working on the 8-STABLE branch. FreeBSD 7.3 focusses on bug fixes, but has a few new features as well.
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I agree with a lot of your points.

I still believe that the whole momentum is a bit of a chicken and egg issue. Linux gained momentum because lots of vendors decided to offer HW support for that OS.

From my perspective, I do like both Linux and the BSDs (each have their strengths). It is just that linux ever changing interfaces are a total pain in the a**. How many time do they need to reinvent the wheel exactly.

As much of an authoritarian ass Torvalds is portrayed as being sometimes, he has been rather focused on the kernel and completely ignored the user land. Which has been both a blessing: lots of choice for OSS developers. And a curse: too "many mediocre choices" for the end users.

Linux is a developers' system, not an users' system. That is the main issue why it will never gain traction in the Desktop. As I said, from my personal perspective... Linux has been a nightmare when it comes to use commercial tools, but it is a dream for custom solutions.

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