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Internet & Networking "Apple CEO Steve Jobs reportedly told the Wall Street Journal it would be 'trivial' for the newspaper to ditch Adobe's Flash software in preparation for the iPad. Media-industry types who disagree have been emailing us. 'Oh, sure, just use Javascript: well guess what, we don't have a bunch of code junkies in our newsroom. We do have some great designers who've picked up Flash and enough Actionscript to be very effective.'"
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For a large corporation to switch to anything it takes a dozen meetings and at least a few hundred k.

If they have a working system you can't just tell them to switch as if they are some college student with a blog who picked up a little actionscript in his spare time.

The people in charge of these organizations are not tech oriented and neither are the managers that they hire. When you tell them javascript isn't that hard you might as well say kabooble bobble dingle dobble.

so perhaps these "large corporations" should stop being so incompetent and ineffecient, so that they could switch easily? come to think of it, perhaps they shouldnt have been so incompetent to begin with, choosing something as abominable as flash

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