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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless There are various trains of thought regarding Apple suing HTC, and one of them is that Apple feels threatened by Android's rise in popularity. Some laughed this away, but when you look at recent statistics regarding mobile web usage, it becomes pretty clear Apple has every reason to feel threatened by Google's mobile operating system.
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what these figures indicate is that in mobile browsing, something more or less launched by the iPhone and can thus be seen as a traditionally iPhone-heavy area, Android is starting to take over. That's big.

I still fail to see how "that's big" except in the way all statistics are - for marketing purposes. The largest demographic for Android users is those who are more tech savvy. Those users will also generally be much heavier 'net users on their phones - there are probably more iPhone users who've never browsed the 'net on the device than there are Android users in total. There are also now more choices in the marketplace for devices that are capable of this, so of course it would be expected that iPhone's percentage share would fall - if you're the only cab on the rank you're going to get all the business but as soon as another turns up... But of course you can read into the figures what you will. I think it's just good healthy competition - as it should be.

What will be more interesting to see is if Android does become the dominant player whether certain people will judge Google by the same yardsticks they've used for Apple. I suspect not - the comments about Windows Phone 7 have been a prelude to that.

Because we all know that Android is open so its good whereas iPhone is closed so it's evil. And Google is totally user focussed, they've got no interest in profit at all so their intentions will always be pure and selfless unlike Apple who are just "inherently evil" money grabbing scum building products with the sole intention of ripping people off. That's right isn't it Thom?

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