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Windows As part of its monthly patching cycle, Microsoft on Tuesday plans to release eight security alerts for flaws in the Windows operating system. They also plan to release by year's end an initial test version of a new product to protect business desktops, laptops and file servers against malicious code attacks. "Unofficial" preview of XP SP3 pack includes log-on improvements and network fixes for Windows XP PCs. Elsewhere, on Wednesday, Neil Barrett was named trustee in the European Commission's antitrust case against Microsoft.
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An Aspect Of OpenSource/Linux Taking Effect.
by Pelly on Fri 7th Oct 2005 12:24 UTC
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I see the changes in Microsoft and their business model as a by-product of the growth, strength & popularity of OpenSourse Software and Linux in general.

For quite a long time, many years in fact, Microsoft Windows was pretty much the only game in town if you weren't a Macintosh user.

If you're the only player (or biggest by far) on the field, you're in the enviable position of being in control and being able to make/remake the rules to suit your own needs. When others want to play, you're able to tell the new players that they can play by your your rules or not at all.

When OSS and Linux came to play, they didn't play by the rules that MS set down. They didn't even play in the same field. They made their own field and played the game differently.

While it's taken time due to the tremendous head start that MS had, the effects are now being seen in the way MS does business. Instead of OSS & Linux having to keep up with Microsoft, Microsoft in now feeling the pressure to keep up with OSS & Linux.

OSS and Linux have made amazing strides & advances in recent years. Advances that MS has to acknowkledge and compete with to stop losing Desktop Marketshare.

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