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Games The PlayStation 3 Slim already had an ability penalty of -35 Geekiness because of its lack of the "Install Other OS" option, and now the regular PlayStation 3 will follow in its footsteps. A PS3 firmware update, scheduled to land April 1, will disable this option on regular PS3s as well. This, dear readers, is what we in the business call a "testicle move", especially since only a few weeks ago, Sony bold-facedly claimed the feature would not be removed.
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Not sure what I'm going to do
by canadianlinuxnerd on Mon 29th Mar 2010 15:49 UTC
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I currently own a PS3 with Linux installed, not sure what I'm going to do here. On the one hand I can skip the upgrade and continue to enjoy a full browser experience on my PS3, this is a great benefit as my main computers are both laptops and not connected to my HDtv. On the other hand PS3 is my primary gaming platform and losing access to online play would be a major pain in the ass. One thought that does occur to me is that there's no mention in the announcement of if the boot other OS option will also disappear. If I can continue to use my existing installation then no problem, I'm already installed. Another question unanswered by the announcement is what happens to access to hard drive space already alotted to a linux partition? Does that space simply become inaccessible? Or will Sony provide a mechanism to allow me to repartition the drive without making me erase all my saved games by reformatting? With out the install other OS option will the ability to repartition simply disappear? If that happens I permanently lose access to 10 gigs of drive space, which is alot since I have one of the old 40 gig machines. At this point I think the best option is to wait till the update comes out to see what the situation really is.

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