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Games The PlayStation 3 Slim already had an ability penalty of -35 Geekiness because of its lack of the "Install Other OS" option, and now the regular PlayStation 3 will follow in its footsteps. A PS3 firmware update, scheduled to land April 1, will disable this option on regular PS3s as well. This, dear readers, is what we in the business call a "testicle move", especially since only a few weeks ago, Sony bold-facedly claimed the feature would not be removed.
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by Odwalla on Tue 30th Mar 2010 00:23 UTC in reply to "Comment by Kroc"
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I'm confused by your comparison of a the openness of a general purpose computer to the single-task mindset of a console. Your analogy might be more apt if you had used the Colecovision as an example, as it was a console first and a general computing device second. The Commodore 64, though was always a general purpose computing device. Comparing its openness to the closed nature of a console illustrates nothing.

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