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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "Hot on the heals of Oracle's revamp of Solaris support, the licensing agreement for free downloads of Solaris 10 have changed. Here is the bit in question: "...Please remember, your right to use Solaris acquired as a download is limited to a trial of 90 days, unless you acquire a service contract for the downloaded Software". So far the OpenSolaris license has not changed, it's still CDDL."
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RE[4]: Does anybody care?
by mtzmtulivu on Tue 30th Mar 2010 03:11 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Does anybody care?"
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And you are bringing up meaningless distinctions that have nothing to do with my point. People that care about OSS honor licenses.

Yes they do, but FOSS licenses only take effect at the point of (re)distribution, not usage. UELAs are the ones that take effect at the point of usage.

I think the differences btw FOSS licenses and EULAs are not meaningless sir and I think it is crucial for people to know and understand the distinction btw them.

You talking about software usage restrictions and FOSS licenses implies either you dont know when FOSS licenses come into effect or you wrote your comment in an ambiguous way and it leads to misunderstandings

dont mean to criticize you sir, just trying to clarify stuff for those who dont know the difference btw something like microsoft EULA and the GPL

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