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Games "One game on the Web has been accused of being little more than an elaborate scam designed to bilk gamers out of their money. The game, Evony, has an extensive Web presence that has gained a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons, and that's just the beginning of the bad press surrounding the title. Accusations of shady business practices, legal bullying, and physical intimidation surround the game; some of these claims are easy enough to parse, while others are practically impossible to figure out because the real story has become so convoluted that it's a Gordian Knot of facts."
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by zdzichu on Tue 30th Mar 2010 11:34 UTC in reply to "Comment by"
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I never had luck to be exposed to any of this naked ads. Though, I'm constantly attacked by retarded ads for something called "imvu". Those ads are antithesis of marketing - they do not invite to click on them, jsut the opposite.

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