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Windows "Windows XP became the most effective Microsoft Bob deployment tool ever developed. And if you go way back into your closet, dig out your copy of Windows XP, and can somehow channel the right spirits to mash your hands on the keyboard in exactly the right way, then out of your encryption program will come a copy of Microsoft Bob."
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RE: Hmmm
by bhtooefr on Tue 30th Mar 2010 14:41 UTC in reply to "Hmmm"
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For its intended market, it wouldn't have been TERRIBLE, except it was an insulated, limited environment (and Windows 3.1 apps weren't at all integrated.) Also, it seemed to spend more time being cute than actually being intuitive.

However, it had very high system requirements for the time, so the only computers that could run it were enthusiast systems.

Add in the fact that the security was a JOKE, and...

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